Terry Chaplin


Drums, lead & harmony vocals.
From St. John’s, Newfoundland
Joined Signal Hill in 1999

Terry Chaplin is the drummer and bass singer for Signal Hill. His father, Terry Sr. was also a professional musician in St. John’s for many years as a keyboardist. Terry shares a portion of the lead vocals in a tenor range and his relative pitch is virtually perfect. This allows him the amazing ability to call the changes of any tune in Signal Hill’s repertoire, while many other drummers would be focusing solely on the rhythm. Terry is also proficient on every instrument in the band. His strength though, is in his solid consistency rather than flash and grand standing. Terry is also a big fan of the Beatles and numerous 60’s vocal groups.

Former Bands: Second Generation, Big Trouble, Rocky Racoons, Higher Ground, Biscuit, Vicious Fishes

Other Instruments: bass, guitar, piano