Jordie Weale


Lead acoustic guitar, and high harmony vocals.
Joined Signal Hill in 2006
From Charlottetown, PEI

Jordie Weale is the newest addition to Signal Hill and the final piece in a puzzle that is the current Signal Hill sound. Jordie is a master of the acoustic guitar and the tenor harmony singer with the band. He is a perfectionist musically and a highly disciplined student of practice. When you listen to a Signal Hill record and hear wailing distorted guitar solos, you have to remember he is doing all that on an acoustic! Blue Grass, Country and Rock from all eras, are counted among Jordie’s influences, but there is also a shredder in there who is completely versed in all things metal.

Former Bands: Lugnuts, Big City, Poppa Shine, Spare Parts

Other Instruments: mandolin, bass