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Jason Campbell

12 string acoustic guitar, lead & harmony vocals, piano
From St. John's, Newfoundland
Joined Signal Hill in 1998

Jason Campbell is the principal lead vocalist with a range spanning over three octaves. He is a songwriter and business manager for Signal Hill. Jason plays piano and 12-string acoustic guitar in the band. He is also a solid and animated drummer, as was his father professionally in St. John's during the 60's and 70's. Jim “Ollie” Campbell has played with founding members of April Wine, Sandy Morris of The Wonderful Grand Band and even Jim Lamb. Jason's musical interests and influences span many genres from Jazz to Hard Rock, Beatles to Beethoven, and from singers such as Tony Bennett, Chet Baker, Michael Jackson, Sam Cooke & Elton John. Often playing piano and guitar simultaneously while singing, he is a born showman. Notably, Jason does not use monitors of any kind, even on the biggest of stages, and is a strong opponent to the use of auto-tune technology.

Former Bands: Higher Ground, Friar's Point, Mean Streak (drums), Privateers, Andersen’s Council.

Other Instruments: harmonica, drums, mandolin

Musical Education: Mohawk College, Hamilton, Ontario; jazz vocal/piano, big band arranging, composition; honours graduate, six scholarships & bursaries. Private teachers: Brian Roberts, Bob Hamper, Mark Eisenmen, Lisa Martinelli, Antonia Pigeot.


Missing Signals
Released March 2, 2015

An all original solo debut by Signal Hill’s front man,
Jason Campbell.

Featuring the #1 East Coast Hit " I Wish " Live on YouTube
(as voted on the East Coast Countdown).


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